Project Committees                                        Committee Grant Application

Arts Community

Mission: To promote and support all community aspects of creative arts, such as, but not limited to, crafts, music, literature, drama, dance, and other visual and performing arts. 

Chairman - Marcy Helser

Co-chairman - Cathy McMikle


Christmas House

Christmas House has been Women's Civic League's Ways and Means project since 1969.

Chairman - Kelly Dalton

Chairman - Heather Dodson

Community Grant Committee

Mission: To support all aspects of community development and involvement and the improvement of community residents' quality of life. 

Chairman - Barb Kuzma

Co-chairman - Kristin Riley

Conservation Community

Mission: To provide education and projects to the membership concerning conservation, recycling and beautification.

Chairman - Wendy Owens

Co-chairman - Lynn Mclaughlin


Education Services

Mission: Promotes higher education through scholarships for students in Laramie County and pursues, but is not limited to, promoting literacy, encouraging lifelong learning and supporting libraries. 

Chairman - Brenda Laird

Co-chairman - Diane Nyffler

Home Life Community Service Program

Mission: To work on issues that affect the well being of individuals, families and communities by providing opportunities and resources to meet and address needs through volunteering. 

Chairman - Pam Hendricks

International Outreach community Service Program

Mission: Committee enables embers to become better world citizens through advocacy, education and action, affecting change globally.

Chairman - Cathy McMikle

Co-chairman - Judi Loomis


Military Outreach

Mission: To raise awareness of the military presence in the community and endeavor to assist them in areas of need.

Chairman - Carolyn Ritschard

Public Issues Community Service Program

Mission: works to actively connect members with projects and activities relating to civic and social responsibilities including citizenship, military personnel, emergency and disaster preparedness, and safety and crime prevention. 

Chairman - Phyllis Salzburg

Co-chairman - Pam Crochet


Senior Services

Mission: To examine and address the needs of the elderly in the community. 

Co-chairman - Kim Benson

Co-chairman - Laura Gorman


Special Needs

Mission: To enrich the lives of community members with developmental, physical, mental, and brain injury disabilities. 

Chairman - Heather Dodson

Co-chairman - Patti Krakow


Substance Abuse Awareness

Mission: To provide drug and alcohol abuse prevention education to the community. 

Chairman - Beverley Havens

Women's Issues

Mission: To examine issues of interest to women in the community. To promote women's good health. 

Chairman - Phyllis Salzburg


Youth and Family Services

Mission: To support programs that promote literacy, citizenship and the development and maintenance of healthy lifestyles. 

Chairman - Shelley Herr

Co-chairman - Pat Stenback




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