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GFWC Women's Civic League of Cheyenne


Grant Applications

Women's Civic League of Cheyenne offers two types of grants.  The Community Grant Committee offers larger grants, one time each year, while the five Community Service Program Committees offer grants on a year around basis (most often September through May when the committees are active).  Information on the two separate grant types is provided below.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Community Grant Committee (CGC) Grants


Community Grant Committee - Grant Application:   Word   PDF

CGC Grant Applications must be postmarked no later than January 15 of the current year.

The Women's Civic League Community Grant Committee (CGC) endeavors to support all aspects of community development and involvement, including cultural development, recreation, education, conservation, health, and the improvement of the quality of life for all residents of Laramie County.


The awarding of CGC grants from Women’s Civic League is a three-step process.  The initial phase will include a review of all applications by the committee, narrowing the field of possible recipients.  The second phase of granting may include a simple presentation of the project followed by a brief question and answer time.  The final phase will be the selection and awarding of the grant by the selection committee.

All organizations, agencies, or individuals receiving funding must expend grant monies to benefit Laramie County within one year from the date grant monies are received.

Organizations, agencies, or individuals receiving grant monies from Women’s Civic League will enter into a signed agreement that requires a concise written report confirming completion of the project.  This report must be received no later than one year from the date on which funds were issued.  All monies granted must be spent to benefit the specific project approved by Women’s Civic League, with any unused monies returned to the committee.

Funds will be distributed after committee recommendations are approved by the general membership of GFWC Women’s Civic League of Cheyenne.  All monies will be awarded no later than April of the current year.



  Community Service Program Committee

Mini Grants


Community Service Program Committees Mini Grant Application:   Word   PDF

Members of Women's Civic League actively participate in Community Service Program Committees.  Committees award mini-grants and committee members participate in hands-on activities in the community.  The Committees are:

  • Arts and Culture Community Service Program.  This committee promotes and supports community projects that include creative arts such as crafts, music, literature, drama, dance, and other visual and performing arts that develop skills, awareness, and appreciation.

  • Civic Engagement and Outreach Community Service Program.  This committee encourages member participation in the areas of citizenship, crime prevention, safety and disaster preparedness, supporting the military and their families; and assisting the needy, hungry, and homeless.

  • Education and Libraries Community Service Program.  This committee promotes education through scholarships and projects for Laramie County residents.  Additional programs may be supported for, but not limited to, overcoming learning disabilities, supporting local libraries, promoting literacy, mentoring young people, and encouraging lifelong learning.

  • Environment Community Service Program.  This committee suggests activities and projects that encourage members to become stewards of the earth, working to preserve the world’s resources, protect wildlife and domesticated animals, live sustainably, beautify our community, and enjoy nature.

  • Health and Wellness Community Service Program. This committee provides resources through volunteering to meet and address nutrition, disease prevention, and physical and emotional care.

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