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GFWC Women's Civic League of Cheyenne
Past Christmas Houses

1969   William and Marvel McCraken

            Chairwoman: Joanne Mill

  ​​          Co-Chairwoman: Sheryl Powers


1970   Clyde and Betty Gaymon

            Chairwoman: Helen Pickett


1971   William and Mary Lou Tyrrell

            Chairwoman: Norma Rector

  ​​          Co-Chairwoman: Jane Uchner


1972   Elizabeth Whitaker Caldwell

            Chairwoman: Evelyn Allen

  ​​          Co-Chairwoman: Sharon Bryant


1973   Dr. Harry and Fay Crawford

            Chairwoman: Maxine Afflerbach

  ​​          Co-Chairwoman: Eulah Ratliff


1974   Walt and Britta Stamy

            Chairwoman: Marvel McCracken

  ​​          Co-Chairwoman: Joan Carroll


1975   Dr. Russell and Carleen Williams

            Chairwoman: Margy Wilson


1976   State of Wyoming

  Historic Governors' Mansion

            Chairwoman: Joann Sigler

  ​​          Co-Chairwoman: Kay Ross


1977   The Honorable Teno and Mrs. Roncalio


            Chairwoman: Betty Jean Bundy

  ​​          Co-Chairwoman: Fran Hashimoto


1978   Larry and Trudy Day

            Chairwoman: Brenda Cole

  ​​          Co-Chairwoman: Linda Weppner


1979   Frontier Days Committee

             (Old West Museum)

            Chairwoman: Billie Neff

  ​​          Co-Chairwoman: Eleanor Witzenburger


1980   Roman Catholic Diocese of Cheyenne

            Chairwoman: Nancy Loghry

  ​​          Co-Chairwoman: Carlene Kalokathis


1981   F.E. Warren AFB

   Lt. Gen. E.G. and Annette Shuler

            Chairwoman: Judy Eldred

  ​​          Co-Chairwoman: Margo Coughlin


1982   Gene and Faylene Engrave

            Chairwoman: Marsha Pritzel

            Co-Chairwoman: Kathy Crawford


1983   Dr. Sloan and Anna Marie Hales

            Chairwoman: Sandy Pedersen

  ​​          Co-Chairwoman: Doris Pulis


1984   Paul A. Smith

            Chairwoman: Bonnie Brown

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Norma Combs

   and Kathy Thompson

1985   Earl and Helen Mecham

            Chairwoman: Kathy Crawford

  ​​          Co-Chairwoman: Lynette Diefenderfer


1986   Dr. Richard and Claudia Noble

            Chairwoman: Kay Jessen

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Martha Borgaard

   and Chris Voeller


1987  Dr. Donald and Debra Columbus

           Chairwoman: Jan Dancliff

           Co-Chairwoman: Marsha Pritzel


1988   Dr. William and Sherry Gibbens

            Chairwoman: Loretta Wolf

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Denise Green

   and Arlene Lowery


1989   Tom and Luana Lahti

            Chairwoman: Sue Ann Shafer

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Dianne Kirkbride

   and Maria Harvey


1990   Maurice and Bonnie Brown

            Chairwoman: Jane Webster

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: June King

   and Marilyn Cole

1991   Michael and Lisa Bohl

            Chairwoman: Clarice Melinkovich

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Debbie Rowe

   and Phyllis Salzburg

1992   Michl and Ellen McGee

            Chairwoman: Patty Benskin

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Pat Caldwell

   and Becky Evans

1993   Larry and Frieda Shippy

 Chairwoman: Peggy Hearne

  ​​         Co-Chairwoman: June King

  and Suzanne Preiss

1994   Drs. Robert Prentice and Sandra Surbrugg

            Chairwoman: Janey Coombes

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Cherrie Read and Fay Zaharas


1995    Jack and Suzanne Preiss

            Chairwoman: Rosemary Barrett

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Kim Boreczky and Karen Zaback


1996   Calvin and Linda Keller

            Chairwoman: Debbie Rowe

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Judy Jones and Judy Lebsack


1997   John and Robin Volk

            Chairwoman: Trish Peacock

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Judi Johnston and Sally Staley


1998    The Nagle-Warren Mansion Bed & Breakfast 

    Jim Osterfoss, Proprietor

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Phyllis Salzburg and Fay Zaharas


1999    David and Mary Bilstad

            Chairwoman: Antoinette Brown

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Lynne Carlton and Lisa Wagner


2000   W.M. and Jan Stalcup

            Chairwoman: Collett Rangitsch

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Addie Ceballos and Wendy Owen


2001   Darrel and Zelma McMullen

            Chairwoman: Judy Jones

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Dorrie Jones and Collette Stadel


2002   Tom and Luana Lahti

            Chairwoman: Trish Palluck

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Dawn Agar and Linda Gregory


2003   Dan and Linda Amundson

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Carol Farthing and Donna Weaver


2004   Steve and Pat Caldwell

              & The First Christian Church

            Chairwoman: Carol Fagan

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Barbara Clark and Vickie Smith


2005   State of Wyoming

   Historic Governors' Mansion

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Dorrie Jones, Kathy Morrow,

                                   and Collette Stadel


2006  Randy and Jean Richardson

  ​​         Co-Chairwomen: Kathy Amrine, Carol Horam,

                                  and Nancy Kaufman


2007   Dr. David and Kathy Lind

            Chairwoman: Wendy Owen

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Linda Amundson and Tammy Tschacher


2008   Thorpe and Jocelyn Nickerson

            Chairwoman: Jessie Rognon

  ​​          Co-Chairwoman: Barb Costa


2009   Drs. Robert Prentice and Sandra Surbrugg

            Chairwoman: Karen Kent

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Lynn Montoya and Linda Swing


2010   Dr. Rene Hinkle

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Lori Dickerson and Teri Johnston


2011   Dr. Sloan and Anna Marie Hales

            Chairwoman: Mary Lee Dixon

  ​​          Co-Chairwoman: Pam Crochet


2012   Steve and Pat Caldwell

  ​​          Co-Chairwomen: Marcy Helser and Sue Ann Shaffer


2013   Jim and Marcy Headstream

             Charles and Micale

            Chairwoman: Ann Adragna Norwood

  ​​          Co-Chairwoman: Sue Tardiff


2014   Mike Gill and Michelle Boltz

            Chairwoman: Sherri Geringer

            Co-Chairwomen: Cathy McMikle and Katherine Van Dell

2015   Keith and Shawn Zabka

            Chairwoman: Teresa Lake

            Co-Chairwoman: Susan Johnson

2016   David and Jennifer Audley

  Co-Chairwomen: Nancy Kaufman, Karen Kent,

    and Tansie Opsal

2017    Ross and Tina Smith

             Co-Chairwomen: Trish Palluck and Linda Stowers

2018    Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

             Co-Chairwomen: Kim Brokaw and Sharon Sara

2019   Paul and Heather Frauendienst

    Co-Chairwomen: Pam Crochet, Meredith Dexter,

      and Claudia Wilen


​2020   Online Auction, Bake Sale, and Raffle

    Co-Chairwomen: Kelly Dalton and Heather Dodson

2021     Jack and Kelly Wright

                       Chairwomen: Heather Dodson and Patti Kraków

                        Co-Chairwomen: Melissa Gunn and Kristin Voycheske




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